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Lilly Allen Collaborates With Robbie Williams August 19, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Pop.

Pretentious sycophantic music hacks at nme.com. Have reported that:

lillyLily Allen is to feature on Robbie Williams‘ new album.

Allen sang on three of the former Take That star’s new songs before she was famous.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, Allen said: “I was recording with Mark Ronson, and he was working on Robbie‘s album. It was before anything happened with me. He needed a female vocalist. I said fine and did it and I think Robbie‘s quite pleased now.

“I think they sound pretty good, though I can’t actually remember what they’re called or how they go.”

It seems Lily Allen is also hoping to succeed where her collaborator failed and break the US.

Her album ‘Alright, Still’ will be released by major label Capitol in 2007, and Allen has lined up two dates across the Atlantic:

Los Angeles Troubadour (October 14)
Chicago Double Door (16)

More dates will be announced soon.

Some of you that I am a big fan of Mark Ronson’s work. But I didn’t know he was producing Robbie’s new album. Which means he probably produced Rudebox… which is dreadful, I mean really appalling. You decide.

Download: Rudebox- Robbie Williams



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