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Between A Rock (and Roll) And A Hard Place August 19, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

reading barrier

You must forgive me for being a bit behind still, and still sorting myself. Either way Reading/Leeds venturing sweaty, black haired moshers may be shocked to find upon a arrival the introduction of barriers at their festival of choice.

Many initially worried about being some kind of golden circle farce, but it has been swiftly addressed by the Managing Director of the event. It is merely to lessen the danger of crushing (of which has happened at past festival around the world, with deaths and everything). I think its excellent as it will keep you smelly, sweaty, angry lot away from my skin tight designer jeans and perfectly messy hair.

See you guys on Saturday I’ll be looking perfectly sculpted and wearing a green CSS shirt made poorly by my meager textile skills.

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