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Super Loads Of Video August 17, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Video.

American Princes- Never Grow Old

The song isn’t the bomb. But it’s a great example that you can make a great video on a very tight budget with a bit of wit.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Cheated Heart’s (On Conan O’Brien)

Dirty Pretty Things- Bang Bang Your Dead (On David Letterman)

Get well soon Carl, who apparently broke his collar bone from overdosing on debauchery.

Franz Ferdinand- Wine In The Afternoon [highly recommended]

Badly Drawn Boy- Born In The UK

I’ve been putting this off after his last album was a bit shit. But I like it, not exactly a contender for the National Anthem, but quirky enough.

OK Go- Here It Goes Again

You’ve probably already seen it. But it is very B3TA worthy and the song is less irritating than “Million Ways”.

The Good, The Bad And The Queen- Teaser

This is a very teasing teaser from Damon Alburn’s new brit-pop supergroup. Check out the drumming in the last few seconds- jazzy.

Plus you can see loads of footage from Lollopalooza via the power of video streaming.



1. Patch - August 17, 2006

Thank for you a) posting that Dirty Pretty Things video as I didn’t get to watch it last night (the cable guy came over yesterday to hook the cable up, when then everything went to hell) and b) for responding to me on the Libs forum about mp3 blogs. I’m going to put a link on my blog to yours! Thanks again!

2. alexd - August 18, 2006

I will return the compliment 🙂

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