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Ola! August 6, 2006

Posted by alexd in Life.

Hi you cool cats. This is being typed from the motherland of Cuba. The weather is hot and the mosquitoes are hungry. But I´m enjoying it a lot. Fidel is dead, a hurricane is coming and my brother is watching every word I write.

I wouldn´t know what music news there is, as this is a hotel computer that won´t let me have multiple windows and is as slow as Cuba´s ominous thunderstorms that just seem to hang there, constantly threatening to rain. It´good to be reminded of the 56k of yore, as it makes you appreciate my best friend… broadband. Ahh even these keys are frustrating, I think there is sand between the keys.

Well enough of this boring mopey blogging shit. Type to you later.

Download-Something summery like Koop summer sun. Or just imagine some dodgy salsa….



1. teo - August 9, 2006

I guess the tittle should be “Hola!”.

2. Benny K - August 9, 2006

Should we download some CSS? That’s pretty Ibero-American…

3. alexd - August 16, 2006

I apologise for butchering the spanish language once again. My “Gracias” is very good though.

And knock yourself out benny it’s a bit further down the page, and its excellent.

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