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Fishing Is The New Rock ‘n’ Roll July 31, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

fishingA host of bands including The Kooks, The Holloways, Mystery Jets, Larrikin Love, Battle, Good Shoes, The Rumble Strips, Babyshambles and The Young Knives have all signed up for a fishing competition which is part of a 13 week series. It’s all being organised by Resonance FM.

Drummer of Babyshambles Adam Ficek will be teaming up with Resonance FM’s Duncan Whittaker at Walthamstow Fisheries for the station’s Rock n Fishing contest.

Queens Of Noize’s Mairead is also set to try her hand at the sport with her Dad, who used to be a successful match fisherman.

The Holloways are currently topping the leaderboard with 29 points with Kid Harpoon and Breaks producer Iain Gore in second.

The top two bands will eventually battle it out in the final on September 28.

To listen in tune into 104.4 FM this Thursday from 1pm.

I predict Topshop will be selling designer waders, bait hats/jackets within weeks. Could be great listening though. I always remember waking up to early on a Saturday morning (round 6 o clock) and listening to this fishing show on the radio 5 live. If its that plus bands, I might turn my podcasts off to “tune in”.

Download: John Martyn- Fishermans Dream



1. Ruby - August 7, 2006

what a bunch of shit, what’s next “rock ‘n’ roll, throwing kittens into rivers” – just because you stick the words “rock ‘n’ roll infront of something it doesnt make it cool. “rock ‘n’ roll Pete Docherty” – see he’s still a loser, rest my case…

2. alexd - August 16, 2006

I’m not saying it is. It’s only a bit of fun anwyay, as I said I’m sure Topshop and other trend junkies will get all wound up and cream themselves about it anyway.

3. AnferTuto - July 28, 2007

Hola faretaste

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