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Babyshambles Next Album July 30, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

Straight from the horses (well Adam Ficek’s) mouth via highlyevolved84 from the libertines forum who met him at the Beniscissm festival.

  • The new album is all finished and recorded, they produced it themselves and it will come out very soon. They were trying to release it on the same day as their ‘Get Loaded in the Park’ gig, but there were some difficulties. It will feature 10 or 11 songs, to keep it short and powerful, and will be a lot more of a ‘studio’ album.
  • Everything is going pretty well with peter, he’s not quite there yet, but he’s really making the effort.
  • He doesn’t know when or if Pat’s gonna come back. He needed some time for himself, after all the drugs etc, so they’re just being patient, and would love him to return, but they don’t wanna push him.
  • They don’t have a record deal as yet, almost every label on the planet is interested, but they are yet to decide on one.
  • They were going to record Janie Jones by the clash for charity with Luke from the Kooks on vocals, but he never showed up.
  • He doesn’t think much of the strokes…

Great news! Particularly the fact that they didn’t record anything with that knob from The Kooks.

Download: Babyshambles- 8 Dead Boys [highly recommended]



1. emma - October 6, 2006

babyshambles are the best!! albions one of my favourite albums of all time and i just know the new one will be equally as good. lovin janie jones x

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