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“Make it more punchy”…. July 29, 2006

Posted by alexd in Media, Music.

cuntHello readers. Some of you may remember that I’ve been doing work experience in an edit/dubbing suite place near Russel Square. It’s taught me that their is far too much money in the media industry. 15 minutes of advertising pays for 4 runners, a receptionist, 3 office managers, 3/4 sound technicians, 3 geeks, a colourists and several editor. On top of a programmes hiring of expensive equipment, and all the commissioners at Channel 4. And this is for nearly a whole month!

Frankly- the place i was working at was a sanctuary with receptionist protection from the normal media/arty Soho types that believe that Nathan Barley was a reality tv show. And I enjoyed the way they took these prats money to hire their equipment to make their constantly “edgy” documentaries and edusoaps etc.

I could go on a rant about one director, but I think i’ve made my point, and I don’t want to harm the reputation of this lovely little company. Its these kind of people that put me off working in the media. the inevitable time i would spend doing my bidding could push me into either being like them or trying to be different, so end up like them.

I’m also a little bit miffed that the CSS gig in London (probably filled by trendy London types) is over 18. If only I had tits.

Download: The Rakes- Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)



1. NikNak - July 30, 2006

It wasn’t rushes was it?

2. alexd - July 30, 2006

You mean clips? They had already done the online editing when I met him. It was going through grading.

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