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Pete Doherty Flying Solo July 25, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

pete dPete Doherty working on solo album
(Monday July 24, 2006 03:26 PM)

Singer Pete Doherty is to release a solo album, he has revealed.

The troubled star is working on a record without his band Babyshambles.

And he is planning a move to the country in a bid to clean up his act.

Doherty, 27, is still battling his addiction to heroin and crack cocaine.

In an interview with the NME, he said: “There’ll be a solo acoustic album released this year. It differs from Babyshambles because it will just be me.”

Asked if he had ever thought of escaping his troubles by leaving London, he replied: “That’s so strange you say that, I’ve just been talking about getting a cottage … a little pond and my guitar.”

Doherty plans to use his country pad as a place to write new material. His on-off model girlfriend Kate Moss has her own country retreat in the Cotswolds.

Doherty is currently in rehab where he is believed to be having an opiate-suppressing implant fitted.

During the interview, conducted shortly before he was admitted to the clinic, he openly smoked crack.

The singer has called the forthcoming Babyshambles album The Implant Sessions.

From YahooMusic

The boy’s done good. Especially following a recent cleanup operation in the last week. Having appeared on time, coherent and washed in interviews with Jonathon Ross and Channel 4’s Transmission. I’m also a massive fan of Pete and Carl’s glorious acoustic strip down sessions they made while in The Libertines. Whether you like their plugged sound or not you cannot denie the emotion and intelligence of the sessions.

Download: The Libertines- Bucketshop



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