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Indie Idol July 17, 2006

Posted by alexd in Media, Music.

G4The inevitable has happened. The International Music Trust is going to be funding the winning band having been voted for by the public.

What is the Rock Star Lottery?
Well, it’s a number of things. It’s a worldwide competition for great talent ignored by the traditional music industry, and it’s a much-needed rebirth of a failing and corrupt music industry. It’s also a community and a contact-point for artists and fans to network. And it’s a private charity for musicians. Here’s the brief outline of each of those things. Click on the headings for more info.

Like the X Factors and Idols of the world, we’re offering up a £1.5 million record deal to the winning artist, but with a difference. No ties to the label and you retain 100% ownership and creative control. We make no secret of it – the money comes from the voting public – just like the TV shows. Only we don’t try and hide it behind clever marketing.

This competition is fair. There are no quotas to fill, and only real talent is allowed. You have to be a performing musician and write your own material to get through.

We all know that the music industry today is corrupt, and is about exploitation of ‘product’ and not about art anymore. With the money we raise, we are going to rebuild the music industry from the ground up – everything we do is independent of the traditional music industry. We are building a new music industry, based on art, ethics, trust and good practice. We do not believe that the record label’s profits from music are justifiable compared to the low-to-no risk approach that they use. And our aim is to bring higher profits to the artists, and lower prices on music to the consumer.

We believe that a community based on mutual support and co-operation will build unity. With a united community, we stand in a much stronger position to rebuild the industry. Strength in numbers is how we achieve this. We promote a community that is supportive of each other. All musicians benefit from a united community.

The Trust is aimed at providing free services and help to musicians that couldn’t ordinarily afford it. Studio fees, travel to gigs, replacement of stolen equipment. The Trust will provide a much-needed source of help for those in need of Rock Help!

As much as this its nice that people are trying to expose new music, and get “talent” off the toilet scene and into Wembley. It’s completely flawed, as half of the entries are Greenday/Fallout Boy copy-cat bands. The other flaw is that it is voted for by the General Public. The same public that took Keane’s latest album to No.1 in the album chart last week. So when ever it falls apart, make sure you get their autographs at Mcdonald’s.

Also i’d be surprised if this wasn’t a hoax anyway. The website looks like it was done by a grungy teenager in Microsoft Frontpage. I want to be surprised though, but I’m not holding my breath.

Download: Bloc Party- This is not a competition



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