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When you were young July 13, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

the killersYou’ve heard the snippet and now know the new song is worthy of superlatives. But now you can here it in its glorious entirety. The whole song pounds furiously to the end, a great potential driving song. Especially with lines about hills and tornadoes. Not that lyrics are ever important in a Killers song. Its just great pop nonsense held together by Brandon’s more manly reincarnation (he’s got a moustache and everything!!!) and a Devo like chord changes. In fact this does share a similar hurried nature to Devo’s “Gut Feeling”. Discuss….

Download: The Killers- When You Were Young

Download: Devo- Gut Feeling



1. Alexa - July 14, 2006

Omg…I love the killers. I always have, since i saw somebody told me. and THANK YOU GOD. finally actual MUSIC. after listening to constant Crap on the t.v, REAL MUSIC. that gets you. i love this song, so much. its amazing! I love it. they are just such a great band. Its always hard to follow up an amazing album, but considering this song is BRILLIANT it won’t be hard for them. i love this song. so much. AMAZING

2. hello - July 16, 2006

the killers are my favourite band, but im not gonna lie their first album hits were better like Mr.Brightside and Somebody Told me and even All These Things That I’ve Done. I’m just glad to see something new fomr them :D:D

3. Kt4Killers x - July 16, 2006

The song is immense, I still prefer Hotfuss at the mo. BUT I have only got that ONE Sam’s Town Album song, but it’s great, Brandons voice has developed hugely not sure if it’s for the best I need the album!!
I’ve been craving it, I think they have left it too long, it’s been like 2 years >: ( I really can’t wait until this albums released I just hope it will live up to my expectations, and I’m dying for them to tour again, I didn’t get to see them first time around so I MUST SEE THEM ASAP!
“Its just great pop nonsense held together by Brandon’s more manly reincarnation” ^^^^^^^ Nonsense? Harsh, and yes Brandons changed his image how is that relevent to the music exactly?
The Killers are undeniably a great band and this song is just the begining of a fantastic follow-up album shot out from the depths of Vegas, a MUST BUY on date of release, and YES thank god for this real music, and pray to god it’s lives up to it’s hype!

4. alejandra - July 17, 2006

i am so glad the new killers album is finally coming out. i have to admit i already heard a bunch of their new songs, and yep… they are going to be a success…once again. 🙂

5. Casey - July 17, 2006

I liked this song alot, though I did prefer Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll or Where Is She. I think those’ll be on Sam’s Town as well. I can’t wait for the album to come out. I’ve loved the killers since I heard Somebody Told Me on the radio one day. I have to admit though, they do suck live. It was a major disappointment at the MTV awards last year.

6. molly - July 17, 2006

i love this song. at first i wasnt sure about it but now i love it! The Killers are THE BEST EVER and i cant wait for their album to come out!!!!

7. Adam - July 18, 2006

this is bloody great! been waiting for their second album for sooooo long! I dont think itll be as good as ‘hot fuss’, moving away from the smiths influence may prove fatal, but that’s good, it’ll mean the band may go back to proper indie roots, however this first single is fantastic. if ‘sam’s town’ goes anywhere near platinum or is anywhere near as successful, I’d certainly say the killers would be one of the biggests bands in the world. go the killers, love you!

8. Conor - July 18, 2006

To start off with i wasn’t sure about the song. Initially, it wasn’t really as catchy as the hot fuss material, in my opinion. However, I now cannot get enough of it. I find myself urging to hear more of Sam’s Town and as I eagerly await the second album i applaud The Killers. Can you imagine When You Were Young being played live? It’s such a hands in the air song. Personally, I think they’ve done it again. Bravo!

9. Adam - July 18, 2006

I’m in the same boat as you Conor. I heard it on radio earlier in the day and thought ‘gee it’s not as good as “hot fuss”‘, but as soon as I downloaded it from here, I fell in love with it and have been playing it non-stop ever since (sometimes rotating between it and ‘where is she’;)). ive played it like 30 times! i think with the huge hype surrounding their second album and the expectations on the band, I was expecting to hear another ‘mr brightside’, i didnt. it’s kinda different. which is good i guess, it doesnt sound like hot fuss, which means they’re constantly developing their sound. it’s more mature. this will be important over the coming years, if they are to stay successful. personally, i think parts of the album may let me down to start with, but they’ll grow on me and once again ill be listening to the killers non-stop!

10. Patrick - July 18, 2006

What the hell is this guy talking about?!!! “Not that lyrics are ever important in a Killers song.” WTF?!!! Has he ever taken the time to actually listen to a song? Just because the lyrics aren’t obviously saying something doesn’t mean they don’t have any meaning. It’s NEVER “nonsense held together.” On the contrary, The Killers’ lyrics are some of the deepest stuff I’ve ever heard, if you take the time to listen to the song like an actual fan.

11. Joe - July 19, 2006

Ummm…that song indie rock and roll is already on Hot Fuss (Limited Edition) along with two other tracks, their great also. This song, When You Were Young, is awesome too. I cant wait until Sam’s Town comes out, just a couple of days from my b-day, what a present!

12. Jon - July 19, 2006

This song is boring compared to the stuff on hot fuss.

13. alexd - July 19, 2006

It will grow on you.

14. Fiona - July 20, 2006

Finally found the lyrics! They are here:

15. alexd - July 20, 2006


16. Michael - July 22, 2006

glamorous indie rock & roll was already on hot fuss, here in australia it was just on the normal edition cos you kow, australia is the best:P

17. Princess Leia - July 24, 2006

the song mentions jesus. brandon has a moustache. enough said.

18. Christine - August 5, 2006

I think they’re trying to go a little too mainstream, here. The sound isn’t quite the same as on the Hot Fuss album.

However, good bands are able to change. Hopefully they are writing what they like and aren’t just trying to fit in.

This song grows on you. It’s not like the old album is going to disappear, either. Give the guys a chance… Brandon’s voice alone is enough to make you feel alive.

Rock on, despite some disappointment at first…

19. Christmas - August 5, 2006

Always great to see a band make it much less prove they’re not a one cd flash in the pan. Have to admit, on this track, it does sound like Ric Ocasek singing Springsteen [please see Wilkipedia for those who weren’t around for the mid 80’s]

20. lena - November 15, 2006

woota! go killers!

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