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Cheated Hearts Video July 13, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

A lot of you may remember other blogs informing about the way you could get in to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ next video. Well like many of you, me and my mates desperately wanted to do it. But it just never materialised. What has materialised is this cute video for a great song. PLUS IT HAS CROSSDRESSING!

Download: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Cheated Hearts

And watch….



1. Benny K - July 15, 2006

Karen O.
I missed this! Just like I missed the chance to contribute to the booklet for the album. Damn.
I know someone who looks like her…
“I shared a cab with Karen O…oh, oh…ohohohhh!”

2. perks - July 16, 2006


You’re talking hyper bollocks
You’re talking saleries
Oh yeh, you work in Insurance?
30k? OTE

Luvverly video. Wish I was in it, but of course…

3. Vomiting Chris - July 18, 2006

This video.
very good.
better than good.
very great.
better than great.
do you agree?
Yeah Yeah Yeah.

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