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Mercury Nomination’s Next Week July 12, 2006

Posted by alexd in Media, Music.

The shortlisted albums in contention for 2006’s Mercury Music Prize will be revealed nextmercury week, with Jools Holland making the announcement on Tuesday, July 18. As usual their will be 12 British albums, that came out between July 2005 and July 2006, nominated.

Obviously Arctic Monkey’s will take a slot, with The Kook’s being the obligatory popular album, just so the average punter can relate to the awards. Plan B will presumably hoarding the honouree urban slot held last year by MIA, with The Mystery Jets taking the slightly odd indie band that The Go Team! had. Possibly Dirty Pretty Things stealing Bloc Party’s slot? I’m sure Morrisey will get a slot for being old. Thinking back i can’t even remember who won it last year. But the Mercury Music Prize are still pretty credible in comparison to the Brits etc.

Either way….

Rakes for the win!!!

Download: The Rakes- Something clicked and I fell of the edge

In other news

Tiscali are a shit ISP but they enjoy sticking it to the man



1. Benny K - July 15, 2006

Surely The Rakes was last year? Or do you mean the re-release?
I reckon Thom Yorke and Muse could be up there too.

2. alexd - July 16, 2006

Capture/Release came out in July last year, its definitely ledgible.

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