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An UnCERNtain Adventure Pt 2 July 2, 2006

Posted by alexd in Life.

easy jet is shiteFriday began with a well needed lie in. I woke up in a pool of my own sweat and a headache that would continue to last for 11 hours. After breakfast a couple of us adventured across the “busy” Swiss roads to buy a t-shirt for our physics teachers new baby.

At 11 we took the bus to Geneva, it quickly filled up with a variety of locals, and i was joined by a member of the swiss pie eating team. luckily he got off at the same spot as me, otherwise i could still be trapped between him and the window. probably somewhere near Romania. having dropped our luggage at the train station we walked towards a massive fountain, that can only be described as looking like a 200m upwards piss-stream. luckily.

It was baking and walking in the city wasn’t helping my throbbing headache. We then got to the lido, for an intended swim. I quickly swam around to most of the odd objects floating in the buoyed area. But with an hour i threw up loads of water. which really pissed me off as know one else did, and with one of my hobbies being windsurfing no one does more swimming in lakes than me. Just as i felt like getting back in we had to go for lunch. i kept it light for obvious reasons, but did manage to do it all in french.

we then got 30 minutes to explore the sprawling city. This quickly resulted with me and Nicole going to an underground mall to avoid the heat and find an erotica shop. instead of exploring further, we went and got ice-cream. this subdued my headache for nearly 5 minutes.

Returning to the train-station: we picked up our luggage, payed to use the toilets (mc clean is amazing), took the swiftest and smoothest train ride of our lives, and got to the airport. where we remained for 3 hours. As easyjet isn’t bad, its just shite.

i spent the flight reading Freakonomics (great book), playing shithead and bitching about people out of earshot. we then got back to blightly. It smelt awesome. gritty, dirty, sweaty, greasy england. you do miss it.

the Italy vs Ukraine match became the soundtrack to our journey home. so i just turned up my brothers mp3 player up. i woke up 10 minutes down the roads from school. my mum took me home and i watched some shit tele, waking up at 3 watching big brother live.

Good to write that down. I may to have to write it up for school, with less shit, more lies and no swearing.

COMING SOON: How i went to a summer party dressed as a Russian! 


be your own PET- We will vacation, you can be my parasol

be your own PET- Adventure



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