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An unCERNtain adventure Pt 1 July 2, 2006

Posted by alexd in Life.

nerdMiss me kiddies? I didn’t think so. As i mentioned in the previous post i went to Switzerland, and the Central of European Nuclear Research (where in short they basically lob protons at each other round a 27km loop), with my AS physics class.

And one thing you cannot be when you with your AS physics class is cool. Bar 2 or 3 people its a chess club in here. Many had to stop their World of Warcraft subscription to afford the trip. Luckily, it clearly became evident that we were rock and roll stars compared to some of the more anemic members of science that resided in CERN. they honestly wouldn’t function in normal society. Old people could probably beat them up.

initially we didn’t find the inhabitants of CERN very intelligent at all. the first thing we noticed when we stepped off our 2 hour late plane (thanks easyjet) was the how weird Switzerland smelt. I quickly realised it was the cleanliness of the place. the whole country is as sterile as Tom Cruise.

As well as been clean; Switzerland is also renowned for its punctual public transport. And we swiftly arrived at CERN an hour later (the driver thought he was an F1 driver, and resulted in small children flying around the bus). the first person we met at CERN was a stone faced (and soon to be realised stone head) security guard who sent up to the wrong block with the wrong keys. this caused the 20 of us to stumble around the building attempting to open the apparently high security doors. Having stabbed every part of the key into the lock we got desperate. “Biometrics! Stick your eye in front of the keyslot.” More banging ensued, for several of us awakening other residents in the building. Me and my partner had the door opened by a slightly shocked looking Asian lady. It quickly became apparent she wasn’t their for a free massage.

Another hour later, after jaffa cakes and a game of cards we finally got into our rooms.

In the morning we found that many people couldn’t get into their rooms and slept on the floor often tripled up. Things picked up after breakfast. We got a very brief lecture from Pablo Picasso, before splitting into two groups to see the largest detector at CERN. One group with John Cleese and the other with gorgeous Andreas. Following lunch, Frisbee and football, we went to two exhibitions that cleared up what we didn’t learn while distracted by Andrea’s cheekbones.

The rest of the day was spent on R and R. where in brief (and for some peoples dignity) everyone got very merry. We then swiftly went to bed, after secretly bitching about everything in the bedroom everyone wanted to be in.

More tomorrow.



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