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Downloads borked, Switzerland, Rio dead, iTunes annoying and a fat smelly link Dump June 27, 2006

Posted by alexd in Life, Look What I Just Found, Media, Music.

This is gonna be a terrible day for posting. I’ve just realised you guys can’t download any of the links I’ve made available, so I’m so sorry about that. Gonna sort that out this weekend. I cant do it now as I’m going to the home of geeks CERN in Switzerland. Yes! the place in Dan Browns tripe: “Angels and Demons” where antimatter was created, and really is on occasions.

My mp3 player (a trusty 5GB Rio Carbon that lasted me 2 and a half years) is also completely borked, right on the eve of this big trip, so I’m gonna have to salvage some of my music collection onto an iPod nano. This means the hassle of bloody iTunes trying to fuck everything up and then leaving the little thing’s harddrive to melt overnight as I upload things. So that’s why today is the first of hopefully infrequent link dumps.

P.S windows media 11 beta is absolutely gorgous if less practical than previous incarnation.


Killers have gone emo

The Avalanches might release another album finally

Dis completely pin down my disdain for The Automatic

Myspace is completely being overhyped in the media to get Advertising Execs sweaty as an easy way to sell stuff to the yoof of today

Imaad Wasif (or the new odd looking bloke in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) goes solo live

Coffeeshops are now rock and roll thanks to KISS

The Guardian do a follow up on that fake myspace band that created hype enough for McGee

Beck is doing a hip-hop album with Nigel Godritch, gonna be amazing

People have found Pete from Big Brother’s band- actually not that band and could hold their own against Wolfmother in the realms of retro/rock

Arcade Fire have dropped some titbits on the follow up to “Funeral”- sounds cool

Sorry that dump ended up being long and slippy. I’m off to pack, metal ipods and eats some fibre.

Auf Wiedersehen,  Au revoir, Arrivederci and Sin seveser



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