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DON’T MOG ITS WRONG! June 24, 2006

Posted by alexd in Media, Music.

Some of you cool cats may have heard of mog. The official line from mog is (from dvorak uncensored):

A test version of the niche social networking site MOG.com launched on Tuesday with the aim of hooking up people based on their taste in music — a sort of Myspace.com for music junkies.

The free site, started by former MTV marketing executive David Hyman with $1.4 million from private investors, requires users to download its application, MOG-O-MATIC.

The application catalogs the music on users’ computer hard drives and monitors what they play the most and what new tunes are added through online downloads and portable music players.

The data is analyzed several ways and posted to users’ MOG Web pages, which are open to inspection by the online world at large. Users also are encouraged to create their own blogs on their pages about their musical favorites.

The company does not generate music recommendations from the data but does provide 30-second sound links to all users’ collections as well as links to Apple Computer Inc’s iTunes Music Store and music e-tailer Amazon.com.

google image search fails terriblySo basically its a more intrusive Last fm you download their program, which then relays what your listening too and everything you have on your harddrive. Im sure that the RIAA and every major music company wouldnt be intersted in that. Its also owned by an ex MTV bigwig, so its undoubtably evil.

And now you know, lead the rebellion to victory, and just say no.



1. lucy - June 26, 2006

“Some of you cool cats may have heard of mog.”


2. Roy - June 10, 2009

I’m trying to pull the site up and can’t get it. That tells me a lot.

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