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TOTP Cancelled! June 20, 2006

Posted by alexd in Media, Music.

And I am certainly not gonna miss it. I have watched it once since it lost its prime time slot on a Friday night (used to just be just before "Have I Got News For You" remember.. didn't think so). It's format has just got tired. Live performances are every where. And for Top Of The Pops, because the music PR intensive nature in these days, by the time a single is in the charts, the public have already seen the song played live on Popworld, The Album Chart Show, Jonathon Ross, MTV 2, VH1 etc.

It's not like its presenters have the same appeal as Jimmy Saville. people are just not gonna to tune in to glimpse the wonderful personalities of Fearne Cotton, Reggie Yates, DJ Spoony and that fat version of Simon Pegg.

So while you cry and reminisce, watch the amazing performance that's Gnarls Barkley did the last time i watched.

more here.

OH YEAH! And since no one watched apparently. Here's the Guillemots great performance on the last ever Top of the Pops.

I now have to go be brave and see how England did against Sweden as I got too scared to watch.



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